Trial Learning Day on Saturday, March 20, 2021

Register and try out a series of challenges and exercises to experience how learning works at Qwasar. We'll also have a platform & peer code review demo. 


What to Expect

Join us for an insight into how learning works a Qwasar, the skills you'll develop, and presentations on our platform and our industry-leading peer code review system.

We'll send you a series of challenges and exercises to do by email that are similar to Qwasar programs.
We'll present one of our curriculum tracks, share a learning journey, and give an insight into how learning works at Qwasar
We'll show you a real peer code review that you'll give and receive as part of our learning programs



Saturday, March 20
Starting at 10am Pacific Time

At 10am PT, we'll do a program overview and give a quick tour of our learning platform to give an insight into how learning works at Qwasar.

Part of the tour will also include an insight into our sophisticated peer code review system.

You'll receive your first challenge or exercise to do by email after our program overview and platform tour. Complete the challenge, send us your code, and it will trigger your next exercise or challenge.

You'll receive 3-5 exercises or challenges then view 3 sample projects from our curriculum. If you like the projects, then you'll like our programs!

Get a Taste of Qwasar

Problem-based Learning

Each of the challenges and exercises we'll send you has to do with problem-based learning. When faced with problems, you begin inquiring and solving them. That's how things work at Qwasar.

Learning by Doing

Much of an engineer's career involves learning by doing. Learning by doing is not only more fun, it means that you gain valuable experience that makes you a better job candidate.

Increase Your Employability

Our programs are designed to help you build a strong technical portfolio, increase your technical skill set, develop your soft skills, and set you up with a framework for technical interviews.

Silicon Valley Standards

While the exercises we're sending you might be easy, the curriculum gets a lot tougher and helps you advance to Silicon Valley standards in software engineering and beyond.